Star Wars: Daisy Awakens

By Daisy the French Bulldog on Feb. 5, 2016

The day started out like any otherbreakfast, snack and stealing my humans' Star Wars toys while my humans are at school. 


I was really focused on defeating the Imperial Fleet when suddenly the doorbell rang. I immediately stole Darth Vader's lightsaber and ran off at lightspeed to answer the door. (Let's be honest, you can never be too careful when answering the doorwhat if it was Kylo Ren trying to sell me some magazines?) I peeked out the window and saw a huge box with my name on it from my friends at Petco. 


I really wanted to see what was inside that humongous box, but all of the excitement from answering the door with my lightsaber wore me out. So I grabbed my most favorite bedtime storybook, and settled into my awesome Chewbacca bed to relax. (Really, every dog NEEDS a Chewbacca bed. It's like Chewbacca is our distant future relative or something like that.) Before long, stories of Droids and Ewoks danced in my head as I drifted off to a galaxy far, far away...


Next thing I know, I am a Princess enslaved by Jabba the Hutt. Good thing I stuck to my bikini-ready-diet before I walked into this dream. Hey, I say if you've got it, flaunt it, sister!


Thankfully, I was able to convince Jabba to release me in exchange for a bag of bacon snacks, and I ran off to help my buddy Chewbacca restore peace to the galaxy. Doesn't Chewbacca have some pretty sweet booties in my dream? Yeah, I thought so, too.


Chewbacca and I realized that we couldn't fight the Imperial Fleet ourselves, so we recruited the help of our favorite droids and Jedi Master to get the job done. BB-8, my personal favorite (shhh, don't tell R2D2), also took a break from fighting off the First Order to help me tackle the most dangerous villain of all time...


...DARTH PUG and her fleet of Storm Troopers!


That's when I knew I had to use the force to defeat the Dark SideI was the only one who could save the galaxy! So, of course, I whipped out my super awesome lightsaber (which may or may not have been powered by bacon) and went to town on Darth Pug. She didn't stand a chance! The Galaxy was safe once again from the evil snorts of Darth Pug and her fleet!


Suddenly I woke up and was totally confused. Had I just defeated Darth Pug and saved the galaxy?  I must have, because I was starving. We all know that saving the galaxy works up an appetite. I reached for a cookie from my Wookie cookie jar to satisfy my hunger, because every Wookie needs a cookie. And galactic Frenchies need cookies, too. Just saying.


I heard some loud snorting nearby, so I looked over my shoulder and saw Darth Pug, I mean my sister Lilo, chowing down on some food from her Darth Vader bowl. And all decked out in her Darth Vader gear. Was Lilo really Darth Pug? Now I was really confused.


Lilo asked me if I was OK and then told me that she had scored two tickets to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens and invited me to tag along. Maybe Lilo wasn't so evil after all. Or maybe it was a trap! Either way, I was NOT going to miss out on a chance to go see Star Wars on the big screen.  I grabbed my BB-8 sweatshirt and headed to the theater. Lilo and I matched on accident, I swear!


After the movie, we headed home toyou guessed ittake a nap! But thanks to the Star Wars line available at Petco, I can help save the galaxy any timenot just in my dreams!


The Star Wars saga continues. Check out the new characters available for dogs and cats, only at Petco!

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