Shopping with Daisy the French Bulldog

By Daisy the French Bulldog on Apr. 26, 2016

For those of you who don't know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Daisy, and I am a French Bulldog. I love shopping, snacks, and SUMMER. So, when I was offered the chance to jumpstart my summer with a trip to my local Petco, I jumped at the opportunity. (No, really, I jumped. I'm a French Bulldog, remember?) Shopping was so much fun, and it really put me in the summer state of mind.  Let me tell you all about my trip, and hopefully it will inspire you to jumpstart your summer, too! 

This shopping trip started as all of my shopping trips do: waiting for my human. Let me transcribe the exact words I used to get my human moving this time, "Come on human, let's go! We have to go to Petco, it's where the pet's go! And I'm your pet. So LET'S GO!!!" Needless to say, my human decided it was time to go to Petco. 

Hurry Up 

I was so excited the whole ride, and when I finally got there I just could not contain my excitement any longer. I ran straight to the toy aisle. I was mesmerized by all of the bright and colorful summer toys on display - I didn't know what to look at first. I am pretty sure that my eyes bugged out of my head (more than usual) for a solid minute or so before I regained my composure, and began testing out the toys, and filling up my cart. 


Next, I went to try on some summer fashion. Every girl needs a new wardrobe for summer, and Petco had so much to choose from! Living in Florida, I decided that I definitely needed a new hat to help protect me from the harsh sun. I wasn't too sure about this one though, especially after I had to ask an associate for a larger size (don't judge - I have a full-figured head). Plus, blue is not really my color. I'm more of a "hot pink" kind of girl. 

Blue Hat 

After trying on all of those hats and clothes, I was exhausted and needed a break. Thank goodness the bedding aisle was close by. I decided to take a load off for a few and test out a new bed at the same time. Some were too big, and some were too small. But, I did eventually find one that was just right. 

Taking a Break 

All of that shopping and bed-testing made me thirsty, which reminded me that I had better stock up on some hydration essentials for summer. With temperatures near me already reaching the upper 90s, it won't be long before summer's scorching temperatures leave me parched.   I found the ultimate water bowl; and Petco even had it in hot pink - my favorite color! I will be keeping myself hydrated in style this summer. 


Speaking of style, I needed to make sure that I kept myself looking good all summer. So I went over to the grooming aisle to check things out. I decided that I definitely, without a doubt, needed a new micro-fiber towel. Between swimming and baths and summer rainstorms, a dog can never have too many towels. Especially the super soft micro-fiber towels that Petco had in stock. The only problem was that the color I wanted was all the way in the back of the shelf. Of course the human made ME go get it. The nerve of some humans. 


After stocking up on my grooming needs, I turned the corner and it was as if I had entered paradise - I was on the treat aisle. My nose didn't know where it wanted to sniff first. The bones? The snacks? I wanted it all. Especially the chicken jerky. I REALLY wanted that. Surprisingly, my cart was suddenly a lot heavier after we left the treat aisle. That's when I decided to let my human push the cart. 


It's a good thing I passed the cart-pushing responsibility off to my human, because on our way to the check-out counter I smelled the most incredible smell that I have ever smelled in my whole smelling life: carob chip cookies. Of course I got as many as I could carry a few to eat on the ride home. I had really worked up an appetite from all of that shopping! 


Then it was time to take all of my awesome new things home. But, as usual, I had to wait on my human. She had to dig through her behemoth handbag for her keys. If you can't tell from the picture, here's what I was screaming like a lunatic saying nicely to my human, "LET'S GO HUMAN - the carob chip cookies are calling my name." And off we went. 


By the time we got home, I was ready for it to be summer already. My human tried explaining that we couldn't just make summer appear whenever we wanted it to, but I was not accepting her answer. I was going to make it summer whether she liked it or not. So I thought of the most summer-y thing I could do: sunbathe by the pool. I grabbed some of my new summer swag and went to lay in my favorite sunspot. (Notice how I went with the hot pink sun hat. Much better.) Oh, and I totally splurged on that bottle of Jose Perro; I really wanted to get the summer party started! 


Soon enough, the afternoon Florida showers began rolling in, and my sunbathing session was over. I left all of my stuff out for the human to pick up, and went in to watch a movie. I mean, come on, what screams summer more than an afternoon blockbuster? I grabbed my snacks - and my brand new Ewok - and settled in to watch one of my most favorite flicks. 


When I was done watching the movie, I peeked out the window and was relieved to see the sun shining again.   I decided that it was time to work on my summer grooming, so I grabbed my new Furminator (and a Nylabone) and went outside to do some de-shedding. Who wants extra fur with that summer heat? Not me, that's for sure. 


Just as I finished my grooming, the sun began to set, and my stomach began to growl - time for dinner! I was so glad that I had picked up some good (and nutritious) eats while I was at Petco, because I do have to keep my trim Frenchie figure with bikini season right around the corner.  After I inhaled enjoyed my food, I brushed my teeth with some Greenies that I picked up while shopping. I like to keep my chompers in shape since a smile is worth a thousand bacons, or something like that. 


I really had the best day ever, but I was exhausted! So I curled up in my new bed (see, I told you I had found one that was just right), and had sweet dreams of summer. 


I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to visit Petco and stock up on some really great essentials. I hope that I have inspired you to jumpstart your summer, too! 

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‎05-11-2015 12:41 PM

Well done, Daisy! Heart

Well done, Daisy! Heart

Posted on May. 11, 2015
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