Same Breed, but Different as Dogs Can Be!

By Leah_Pet on Jul. 26, 2017

When it comes to Australian Shepherds, there are a few personality traits that are considered universal; they’re vivacious, smart and love to work as hard as they play. However, Aussie lover and experienced dog foster parent, Kendall C., quickly discovered they’re certainly not all the same when she added a new puppy to her family.trioPic.jpg

Kendall and her boyfriend, Nick, already had Harlee, a one-year-old Australian Shepherd and Diesel, an older Miniature Dachshund. However, Kendall knew there was another Aussie in her future, and it had better be soon.

A firm believer that high-energy, social breeds do better with a playmate, Kendall started to build a case for a second Aussie pup as soon as Harlee was sufficiently trained. Luckily, in Harlee’s case, training was a breeze as she possessed those well-known Aussie traits. 

Shortly after Harlee turned a year old (and after months of pleading with her boyfriend), Kendall finally found her dream match for Harlee. In fact, the puppy was so irresistible, Kendall’s own mom almost adopted him before Kendall could seal the deal. However, her mom ended up falling in love with a smaller sibling in the litter and it was clear this strikingly blue-eyed pup was meant to be Harlee’s new lifetime friend.  Fittingly enough, he came home exactly one year to the date that Kendall had gotten Harlee.

Meet Bentlee: a cuddly, stubborn, happy-go-lucky Australian Shepherd whose number one goal in life is to be a couch potato.cuddlyBentlee.jpg

Though they looked similar, the contrasts between Harlee and Bentlee were apparent from the very beginning:

  • Crate training is ruff! While Harlee quickly learned to love her crate and even voluntarily goes in when she wants to nap, Bentlee was not having it. On his first night home, the little puppy cried so insistently that Kendall eventually caved in and let the pup sleep in their bed for the first few weeks. He’s only just now gotten used to sleeping in it at night but still isn’t a huge fan.
  • Playtime is fun…for a little while. Even though Aussies are known for the high level of energy, Bentlee is a pretty laidback puppy. He’ll wrestle with Harlee for about ten minutes and then would much rather go inside and cuddle all day. That means the long walks and hikes Kendall and Harlee love to take have had to change to accommodate Bentlee’s lazier ways.hbkiss.jpg


  • Training took a little tweaking. Being very food and praise-oriented, Harlee was easy to train. Bentlee, on the other hand, has proven to be a bit more challenging. Confident and social, the little pup has kept Kendall on her toes to keep him motivated.
  • Dinner party of three. Although none of Kendall’s three dogs are food aggressive, Bentlee has a little problem. In fact, it's a classic puppy problem. He simply can't understand that ALL the food isn't his and his alone. That’s made feeding time get a little too exciting sometimes.stealingharleesbone.jpg


    Here are Kendall’s best tips for making a blended doggy household work:

Do your prep work. Kendall was a little nervous about getting a new puppy because Harlee was super attached to her. To prevent any jealousy issues, she did a lot of researching to find the best tips and tricks on integrating a new pet into the family. Kendall also socialized Harlee as much as possible in the weeks leading up to Bentlee’s homecoming, so she could catch and correct any behaviors before the little pup came home.BatPetco.jpg

Buy two (or three) of everything! No matter what toy or bone it is, Bentlee ALWAYS wants what Harlee’s playing with and vice versa. Getting duplicates means both dogs stay happy while lessening the chance for bickering.B2toys.jpg

Be ready for the unexpected. No matter how much you know about a given dog breed, you still may not be prepared enough. Just learn to roll with your new pet’s personality and enjoy uncovering the quirks that make him or her extra special.HarleeHugs.jpg

Now that Bentlee has settled into his new family, Kendall can see how well the little pup balances out Harlee’s personality. While he may not be quite as enthusiastic about playing as she had hoped, he gets along quite well with his new Aussie mentor. And, they may not be totally alike but there’s no denying the fact that they both were delightfully cute as puppies and will make beautiful adult dogs as well.

8 weeks old B.jpg8 weeks old B.jpg

If you want to follow the adventures of Harlee and Bentlee as he grows up, catch a peek at their Instagram account, here!

Did you just get a new puppy? Petco has everything you need, here! 

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