Replacing Your Dog's Bed

By PetcoBlogger on Jun. 29, 2016

Call us territorial, but as pet parents we like to have a place to call our own. Your pooch is no different, and having a comfortable space is extremely important. Whether it’s a blanket, a cedar-filled cushion, a doghouse or an exercise pen, a little restoration can go a long way. By giving your pup a fresh crate liner, a new cushion or a new cushion cover, you can breathe new life into old favorites.

How often?

If your dog’s furniture is looking a little worn or ragged, it’s a great time to freshen up. Besides being an eyesore, tattered bedding can pose a health risk to your dog. High quality materials will last longer and look nicer. Another good opportunity to renovate your dog’s space is the holiday season or your pooch’s birthday, but a new bed will require a bit of adjustment.

Dogs are the sentimental type

When it comes time for something new, your dog might not be as thrilled with the gift as you had hoped. Dogs are creatures of habit, and they prefer things with a familiar feel and scent. You can simplify your pup’s acceptance by incorporating something old with the new:

  • Place the new items where you want your dog to use them or as close to a favorite spot as possible.
  • Use positive reinforcement indoors or out—a pat, your usual firm commands and pleasant voice will help to reassure.
  • Provide a familiar scent. Place a toy or part of your dog’s old bedding in or on the replacement, and rub old items against the fresh fabric. Add an old cushion to a new crate or doghouse, or place a well-loved mat next to the new exercise pen. The more familiar you can make the new home, the better.
  • You can place treats on the new bed for your dog to "discover." This can also localize treat eating to one area, cutting down on vacuuming chores.

Replacing other items

Once your pooch is all curled up in the new pad, examine the rest of the house for any eyesores. Now is the perfect time to replace the water bowl your pup noses across the floor, or the food dish that spills more than it holds.

Size matters

A Great Dane shouldn’t sleep like a Pomeranian, so whatever style of furniture or accessories you choose, make sure your selections suit your pet's size and breed. Appropriately sized items will lessen strain on your dog’s back and neck.

Learn more about how to clean your pet's bedding, toys and food and water bowls.

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