Petco's WholeHearted Pets Contest on Instagram

By RoxannePETCO on Sep. 13, 2016

WholeHearted-Contest-Header.jpgWe believe a happy and healthy pet starts with what's in their bowl. Life is better with your pet by your side, and a complete whole diet means more great times with them. Every week, from August 22 - September 18, we're celebrating how great life can be with your WholeHearted™ pets and giving away a $100 Petco gift card! 


How to Enter

  1. Follow @petco on Instagram.
  2. Take photo of you and your pet(s).
  3. In the caption, tell us how the bond you share with your pet(s) has positively impacted your life.
  4. Post your photo on Instagram and include the hashtag #WholeHeartedPets.
  5. Check the Instagram posts from @petco every Monday to find out who won the weekly prize. 

Click here for official rules and full contest details.




How many times can I enter?

You can enter as many times as you like! 


Can I enter a video?

No, only photos are eligible in this contest. 


When are the weekly winners announced?

We announce the weekly winners every Monday on our @petco Instagram 


Will my entry be eligible every week or will I need to re-enter each new week?

Once the contest begins, entries from the prior week will not be eligible. You will need to re-enter your photos and videos every week. 


It's Monday and I don't see a winner posted. Am I missing something?

Winners will be posted by Monday evening.  


What do I need to share in the caption?

It's easy! We want to hear how the bond you share with your pet(s) has positively impacted your life, whether it's helping you be more active or supporting you through a life-changing event. 


What are the date ranges for each week of the contest?

Each week of the contest runs a full 7 days. The regular contest week begins on Monday and ends the following Sunday. Entries will be included in that week from Monday, 12:00 am PST to Sunday, 11:59 pm PST. Here is the full schedule of how the contest weeks are divided:

  • Week 1: Mon 8/22 – Sun 8/28, winner announced on Mon 8/29
  • Week 2: Mon 8/29 – Sun 9/4, winner announced on Mon 9/5
  • Week 3: Mon 9/5 – Sun 9/11, winner announced on Mon 9/12
  • Week 4: Mon 9/12 – Sun 9/18, winner announced on Mon 9/19


What if I have an old Instagram that I want to enter? Can I just add the #WholeHeartedPets hashtag to it? 

No. You will need to re-publish the photo to Instagram during the contest period.


How do I know if I am a winner?

We will re-post your photo on the @petco Instagram account. In addition, we will reply to your original photo to notify you that you have won and include instructions on how to claim your prize.

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