Little Sammy is the Reason I Smile

By PetcoFoundation on Mar. 9, 2017


Each year, the Petco Foundation invites adopters to share the story of how their adopted pet changed their lives during the annual Holiday Wishes campaign. Melanie Sarkissian submitted this story about the dog she adopted from Good Karma Animal Rescue in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I started fostering for Good Karma Animal Rescue in the summer of 2013, and Serendipity was my first foster. That name would foreshadow how my life would change as a result of fostering.

I fostered yoga pant chewers, mitten retrievers, heartworm positive sweeties, shedders extraordinaire and I LOVED them all! The following summer, I would foster fail on #10. Little Sammy was just so easy to love. He was easy going, the perfect companion and cute as a button. I figured he would be the best resident dog to welcome future fosters on my journey to save another 10 dogs. When I adopted him in August of 2014, I broke into tears of joy.


But the late fall of 2014 brought dramatic changes in my life. I left everything behind and moved with Sammy from icy, snowy Minnesota to hot, humid Florida in a job transfer. We left Minnesota Thanksgiving Day on a dark, bitter cold and windy morning. Let me just say, Sammy made that 1600-mile trip like a champ. For a little two-year-old dog who had endured the long transport from a shelter in Arkansas to rescue in Minnesota, now he was headed back south on a different kind of adventure and escaping those cold, snowy mornings and nights. Florida was full of salamanders, geckos and frogs, oh my!

For me, moving to a city where the only people you know are the dozen or so people at work was rough. Sammy's been there to uplift me while adjusting to new life and people. He’s got a knack for telling me which people to bring into my life and those I probably should stay away from.


It wasn't long after relocating that a wonderful guy came into my life, complete with Sammy's loving approval. Sammy waited at the front door for him, lavishing him with sloppy kisses incessantly (and he was the only person who ever tolerated that). When Sammy heard the motorcycle, he knew someone special was arriving. But one day, the motorcycle didn't return.

Sammy's been my rock through the grieving process of losing someone so close to both of us. The only thing that got me through each day and night was my dear sweet Sammy who greets me with jumping joy, asking for belly rubs. He even lets me doll him up as we cheer on our favorite Green Bay Packers.


Sammy's been my joy through the whole ordeal. He still waits at the front door for him. And I still hear his voice.

I thank the stars for my little Sammy who is there for me. So many people ask "who rescued who?” And all I can say is if I had never volunteered with Good Karma and rescued him, he would not have been there to rescue me. We are bonded with a unique love and experience. Through everything, Sammy still gives me a reason to smile and even laugh again. In a word, Sammy is LOVE.

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