International Homeless Animals' Day: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Story

By ashlerb on Aug. 19, 2016

When LE (pronounced Ellie) wandered onto the playground of Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary in Northern California, she was just looking for food. Little did she know, it would be where her life changed forever.

It was the spring of 2011, and LE had been living on the streets for most of her life. Her fur was matted and black and she was quite a few pounds underweight. With the overpopulation of stray pets in the area, shelters were overflowing and dogs on the street were often left to fend for themselves. LE was not a shelter dog. She was completely homeless.


When she ended up at the elementary school, she found lots of caring, small hands that would pet her and give her scraps. She started to return, day after day, until she was noticed by one of the teachers who realized that the weekend was quickly approaching. The teacher knew that this stray mutt would eagerly show up on Saturday for affection and food, only to find the picnic tables empty.


Out of pity, she decided to take LE home for the weekend, clean her up and give her a place to stay before trying to find her a new home. It took three baths for them to find out that LE was not actually a black dog, but a gray brindle. She was shy but polite; mostly kept to herself and, come Monday, the teacher couldn’t bear the thought of LE being homeless again. LE was unofficially adopted into the family. 


 A few weeks later, I went to visit my aunt, a teacher at Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary. I was there for less than five minutes when suddenly this gray, little bundle of love was sleeping soundly on my lap. Everyone was stunned. Since LE had found her way into their home, she had been shy and reserved. She kept to herself and rarely went near any of the people in the house. Yet she had immediately bonded with me. For the next three days, we were inseparable.


International Homeless Animals Day: LE 2


A couple of months later, I made the drive from San Diego to Fresno to pick up LE and bring her to her new home… my home. It’s been four years since then and LE is the happiest dog you’ve ever met. It took her a while to get comfortable with the new plush life of her own bed and a never-ending supply of food, treats and love. Eventually she even got a sister, Bleu, from the San Diego Humane Society and the two are now inseparable.


International Homeless Animals Day: LE 3.jpg


It’s hard to believe that LE was once a homeless dog, wandering the streets looking for food and comfort. I wasn’t looking for a dog, but she found and adopted me and I couldn’t be more grateful.


International Homeless Animals Day: LE 4.jpg


Learn more about International Homeless Animals' Day from the International Society for Animal Rights.

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Posted on Aug. 16, 2015
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So glad you found each other and she is in a loving home along with her sister, Bleu. Smiley Happy

So glad you found each other and she is in a loving home along with her sister, Bleu. Smiley Happy

Posted on Aug. 17, 2015
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