Go Daisy, It's Your Barkday!

By Daisy the French Bulldog on Jun. 27, 2016

Hi, I'm Daisy the French Bulldog, and I love to party! I mean really, who doesn't like a soirée filled with friends, food, and fun? And speaking of celebrations, there is no better day to celebrate than my Barkday! OK, you might be asking, "what is a 'Barkday'?" Well your 'Barkday' is either the day that you were born or the day that you joined your pack family; whichever day you choose is up to you--that's what makes a Barkday so special! And the best way to celebrate your Barkday is with a gigantic blow-out nice festive party with your friends and family. Let me tell you about my Barkday Party to give you some ideas for planning your own.

First step: invitations. I was up all night writing invitations to my friends and family. (No, the guest list wasn't tremendously long--I don't have thumbs, so writing invitations takes a while.) Make sure to invite your closest canine companions, too--it's not a Barkday Party without your neighborhood crush pals! Good thing I got some snazzy invites from Petco to really get my pals in the party mood.


Once you send out the invites, it's time to plan the menu. I am one lucky dog--my sister Lilo the Pug loves to cook and bake, so she volunteered to bake the Peanut-Butter Bacon "Pup"Cakes for my party!  (Sound delicious? I stole borrowed her recipe to share with you--it's at the end of this post!). She even let me snap a photo of her working her magic in the kitchen; she said the hat put her in the Barkday spirit. To be honest, all I cared about was the bacon.

Pug Baking

Invitations, check. Pupcakes, check. But no party is complete without some stellar decorations and presents (for me, of course)! Since my most favorite color is hot pink, I picked out some bright and festive accessories to match. The decor and color themes really set the tone for any party, so fun colors and prints really appealed to me. I scored and found an entire Barkday kit at Petco, which made coordinating colors and patterns even easier! By the way, aren't those Barkday cake plush toys the cutest party favors that you have ever seen? 


So the invitations were sent, the food was prepared, and the decor was placed--that could only mean one thing: it was PAWTY time! All I could think of was, "Go Daisy, it's your Barkday!"

Go Daisy, It's Your Barkday

Just as the guests were starting to arrive, I turned around and lo and behold guess who showed up? My dreamy, neighborhood crush, Truman! I was swooning. Just look at that smile. And that bow tie! Such swag!

Hot Stuff

Of course I had to get a photo of Truman and I celebrating. (Sidenote: this photo is currently in a heart shaped frame next to my bed hanging on my fridge.) Truth be told, I also wanted as many photos as I could get of me in my stunning new party dress.

Head Over Heels

Even though I could have drooled (literally) over Truman all day, I made sure to greet all of my wonderful guests. I am, after all, the hostess with the mostess! I got this great photo of my buddy Winston, his brother Truman, and my sister Mimi having a great time in their festive party clothes. Doesn't Mimi look fabulous in her party collar?


I also made sure to get a photo of me and my best friend, and sister, Lilo! She really is a party animal.

Daisy and Lilo

Once I was finished playing paparazzi, it was time to pump up the music! Winston and I got to do some great karaoke singing. Our favorite song?  "You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog." I am sure you guessed that one though--we totally look like Elvis fans, I know.


Unfortunately, my sister Lilo got a little too rowdy with the music. I'm not sure what was in her water bowl, or who taught her to dance, but when Pit Bull started to play, she really started to break it down on the dance floor in her tutu! (Yes, I had Elvis and Pit Bull on my pawty playlist.  What can I say? I have eclectic taste in music....) As you can tell from this photo, I was completely embarrassed by my sister's dancing debacle; Truman, on the other hand, didn't seem bothered by her dance moves at all. Must be a pug thing.

Dancing Queen

After I forced my sister off of the dance floor we were finished dancing, we moved the party out front to play some party games. My favorite was bobbing for tennis balls.

Food time!

Since it was my Barkday, I made the rules got to go first.

Tennis Balls

Oh I just loved this game--and I was good at it, too! This was really turning out to be the best Barkday Party ever!

Fun and Games

As much as I loved playing party games, there was one thing that I was looking forward to all day: PUPCAKES! So as soon as I was done winning playing, it was time for some food. All of my friends gathered around to howl, bark, and sing Happy Barkday to me! (OK, I'll tell you what I wished for when I blew out my candle: more pupcakes!)

daisy pupcakes.jpg

I ate my Pupcake so fast that the photographer almost missed it, or so I am told. I think my human photographer was just really slow. But, then again, I was hypnotized by the amazingly delicious peanut-butter bacon pupcake, so I suppose anything is possible.

More Pupcakes, please!

After the pupcakes were gone, it was time to say thank you and goodbye to my wonderful friends and head back inside to open my presents. My friends and family knew exactly what to get me! My favorite was the Barkday Dog. I squeaked him all afternoon!


I partied hard at my Barkday Party, but it was worth it--I had a great time! All of that partying wore me out, though. I think I slept for two days afterwards. (Just kidding--I woke up just in time for dinner.) I hope that you were inspired to throw an amazing Barkday Party of your own, and I can't wait to be invited hear all about your pawty!

Sweet Dreams

You asked for it!  Here's my very own recipe for Peanut-Butter Bacon Pupcakes. Clearly, I am not a veterinarian--I am a french bulldog and I eat everything. EVERYTHING. If you are unsure as to whether this recipe is right for your pet, please contact your own veterinarian or animal health professional before feeding your pet this tasty treat. So, without further ado, I present to you Daisy's Peanut-Butter Bacon Pupcakes. Best served while wearing some awesome party digs from Petco!


Never miss an invite again!  Follow Daisy on Instagram to check out more of her awesome adventures!

Want to throw a Barkday party for your pup? Here's what you need: 

Birthday Celebrations Dog Tutu.jpg

Special Occasion Birthday Dress

Birthday tutu.jpg

Special Occasion Birthday Tutu

Birthday Celebrations Dog Bandana.jpg

Special Occasion Birthday Bandana

Boy Barkday Bandana.jpg

Special Occasion Birthday Boy Bandana

Boy Birthday Vest.jpg

Special Occasion Birthday Vest

Birthday Celebrations Bow Tie.jpg







Special Occasion Birthday Bow Tie

Birthday Cake Dog Hat.jpg







Special Occasion Birthday Hat

Barkday Toy.jpg

Special Occasion Birthday Toy

Birthday Rope Toy.jpg

Special Occasion Birthday Rope Toy

Birthday Cake Toy.jpg

Special Occasion Birthday Cake Toy

Special Occasion Birthday Gift Bags.jpg

Special Occasion Birthday Gift Bags

by Community Contributor
‎06-10-2015 03:29 PM

Thanks for the tips, Daisy! What a fun way to spend your Bark Day!

Thanks for the tips, Daisy! What a fun way to spend your Bark Day!

Posted on Jun. 10, 2015
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