Getting a New Puppy? Don't Make any Wookiee Mistakes!

By Leah_Pet on Jun. 2, 2017


When you’re around pets all day (like Petco store partners are!) it’s inevitable you’ll get a pretty strong urge to start or add to your pet family. That was definitely the case for Dallas, a store partner who was in the midst of training to be a Petco Certified Dog Trainer when she met a cute little fur ball who won her heart.


All it took was one puppy snuggle and a lick to the face and Dallas knew she had found the puppy she and her boyfriend had been wanting.

puppy chewie.jpg

Chewbacca lucked out in the new puppy parent department as Dallas had done her homework before getting a puppy. In addition to working at Petco and knowing she wanted a puppy for a while, she already lived with one older dog and three cats. However, there are always unknowns when getting any new pet.

Chewbacca gear.jpg

Below are just a few of the surprises Dallas encountered when she brought Chewbacca home:

  • First nights with a new puppy can be rough! Chewbacca slept in her bed and could get down on his own, but he could not get up on the bed on his own. That meant waking several times to crying throughout the night to lift him back up onto the bed.
  • Her older dog Daytona COMPLETELY ignored the puppy for months, causing him to hang out solely with the cats. The impressionable pup started to think he, too, was a cat, trying to jump onto countertops and sometimes even almost hissing at people if he was in a bad mood.
  • Having a puppy is a lot like having a toddler, right down to a little bit of attitude at times.
  • The dog is an avid fan of snuggling, even at the most inappropriate times, such as when she’s trying to work on the computer or eat (a trait he probably picked up from his cat mentors)!
  • Chewbacca wants to steal her boyfriend! Whenever he’s around, the puppy has such a crush on him, it’s like Dallas doesn’t even exist. 

daddy chewie.jpg

As to getting through those first puppy months together, Dallas has this advice:

“Hide anything and everything you love! Honestly, puppies will get a hold of anything they can if you're not careful and chances are once they get it they'll chew it!”

Chewable antlers and Whimzees were her go-to solutions to stopping the chewing. They not only kept the aptly nicknamed Chewie occupied and away from her stuff, but they also kept his teeth clean and healthy. She also relied on KONG toys as they kept him busy for hours.

Kong Chewie.png

As to picking out the right food and supplies for her pup, Dallas turned to Gege, her mentor in the dog training program at Petco. When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to consult a pet expert or two. Their advice can mean lots of time and money saved by getting things right the first go around. 

Dallas’s absolute best guidance for new pet parents:

“Make sure you realize what you're in for! Puppies are like babies and require lots of energy, love, time and training to get them to where you want them to be. Every puppy (and even older dogs) will have their own problems and they aren't all easy fixes. Accidents happen, puppies are messy, and things won't always go as planned. Just have lots of patience and give your puppy the attention and time he or she needs to become the best he or she can be.”

These days Chewbacca is enjoying the good life as still puppy-like one year old who gets pampered with lots of toys, grooming and training. And luckily for him, he’s even won over the heart of his once standoffish brother/uncle Daytona. They’ve become best buds, which means Chewie doesn’t have to ALWAYS act like a cat anymore.

Brothers Chewie.jpg

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