Dog Show Tails: Who’s New in the Ring this Year

By PetcoLori on Feb. 9, 2017


Three new dog breeds will be entering the 2017 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show ring, and we couldn’t be more excited. Let's meet the Pumi, the American Hairless Terrier and the Sloughi:

The Pumi (pronounced POO-me) is an ancient Hungarian herding dog that has teddy bear tendencies, both in look and personality. This medium-sized, playful dog features high, floppy ears and a thick, curly coat. A born herder, this breed is intelligent, happy to work and a quick learner. They are the perfect pet for an active family that can provide a lot of daily activity and plenty of mental stimulation.

As a herder, they naturally like to be where all the action is—making them a dedicated member of the family. Although still relatively uncommon in the U.S., the Pumi is popular in Hungary and Scandinavia. By the way, that curly coat is more Poodle-like than their other Hungarian relative, the Puli, which has a long, corded coat. While they are low-shedding, they do require regular grooming to prevent mats. The Pumi is exceptionally well suited for dog agility and herding competitions. Learn more about the Pumi from the AKC.



American Hairless Terrier
Joining the Terrier Group this year is the American Hairless Terrier. Described as lively, curious and athletic, this small dog is highly trainable, making them excellent for either the Obedience or the Agility Rings.


The breed can be traced back to 18th century Europe, where it served as a small hunting dog. In the U.S., the breed’s ancestors can also be traced to the Rat Terrier. This energetic little dog is also a devoted family companion, and is the fourth hairless dog breed to be recognized by the American Kennel Club. Learn more about the American Hairless Terrier from the AKC.

The newest addition to the Hound Group is the Sloughi, whose origins can be traced back thousands of years. Primarily bred for hunting, this tall, exotic breed hails from North Africa, where it was bred to chase a variety of fast-moving game. A slim, athletic dog with exceptional speed and endurance, the Sloughi (pronounced SLOO-ghee) is a loyal family companion.Sloughi-2.jpg


This noble, short-haired dog offers an interesting contrast of aloof attitude (to strangers), with gentle, melancholy eyes. Graceful, but not fragile, the Sloughi is built for speed and requires regular exercise, ideally on a lead or in a fenced area. This breed does best with a sensitive owner. Learn more about the Sloughi from the AKC.

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Photos: DavidWoo@AKC

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by WoofWhiskers
‎02-10-2017 05:24 AM

The Pumi looks so cute! I love seeing more breeds compete.

The Pumi looks so cute! I love seeing more breeds compete.

Posted on Feb. 10, 2017
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