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Daisy Plays it Safe for the Fourth of July

By Daisy the French Bulldog on May. 24, 2016

I am always down for a good party, which is why I love the Fourth of July--the good food, the wonderful friends, and the beautiful fireworks! Oh how I love watching fireworks with my friends and family; but some of us dogs just don't like all of the loud sounds and commotion. In fact, the Fourth of July is downright scary for some furry friends out there, which means that it is up to all of their awesome pet parents to keep them happy, safe and secure during the summer holiday. This might seem like a daunting task, but don't worry, I'm here to help! Keep reading to check out my pawsome Petco finds to get you started on planning the perfect Fourth of July:

The sun is bright down here in South Florida, and it is getting hotter and hotter every day. This can only mean one thing: Summer is around the corner! And with summer comes one of my most favorite holidays: the Fourth of July!  A hot sunny day can also mean get to your nearest air-conditioned Petco store to cool down and do some shopping. Clearly I took my own advice: It was time for me to shop 'til I dropped!

I think most of you know by now where I stopped first: The fashion aisle. With Fourth of July parties coming up, it is important to make sure that your wardrobe is well stocked with summer essentials, like festive dresses. As a furry fashionista, I couldn't make up my mind: My standard hot pink...

Hot Pink

 ...or something more occasion-appropriate? Decisions, decisions....

Summer Dress

After I finally made up my mind about which outfit I was going to wear to my Fourth of July party, it was time to stock up on some party essentials. They had so many fun toys to choose from! Of course I had to test them all out to see which one I liked best. Don't worry, I made my human put them all back when I was finished.

Toy Aisle

Since I was shopping with the Fourth of July in mind, I wanted to pick up some extra special goodies for my pug sister, so I decided to check out the "treat toy" section. My little pug sister, Lilo, gets frightened by loud noises like thunder, and since this will be her first Fourth of July, I am expecting her to be a little nervous. I wanted to pick out a treat toy for her to help distract her from the holiday sounds and excitement. Plus, who doesn't love a new treat toy?


I took a while picking out which toy I wanted to get for my little sister and I was really focused on getting the right one. So focused, in fact, that when I left the aisle and turned the corner, I thought that the step ladder was a French Bulldog-eating-monster. So I barked at it. For seven minutes. And the whole store stared at me. Um, you're welcome people--I just saved all of you from the murderous, dog-eating ladder.


After that whole murderous-ladder-fiasco I needed a snack. Nothing satisfies a post-monster-scaring-rampage quite like a bag of Beggin' Strips. Or Pupperonis. Or anything edible, really.  Plus, having my little pug sister's favorite snacks on hand would definitely help keep her comfortable and happy during the Fourth of July activities. If your pup is anything like my sister, make sure you stock up on their favorite snack ahead of time!

Snack Time

Another great idea for nervous pups is some type of bone or chew. I know that a good bully stick can distract me from just about anything. Except bacon. If someone is cooking bacon, all bets are off. Sorry, got a little off track there with my thoughts of bacon. Back to the bone aisle. I had to sniff every bone to decide which one I wanted. Every. Single. Bone.

Bones and Chews

Just a girl shopping for her poop bags.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

Poop Bags

Good thing I recruited my human to chauffeur me to and from Petco. Good thing she had thumbs and could carry in all of my packages, too. No, I wasn't just sitting there looking pretty--I was quality control. I had to make sure that my human carried the bags properly. Lift with the legs, human, not the back!

Quality Control

Once we were home it was time to test out the goods. Since Fourth of July is the one day of the year where pets are most likely to go missing, it is important to make sure that your pet is safe and secure.  Speaking of secure, leashes and collars are items that we use regularly, which means that they can get worn out fast!  No one wants their leash or collar to break on the Fourth of July and risk their pet's safety, so I picked up a fresh set while I was at Petco. I can't resist a great Cesar Millan product, either.


After I tried on my new leash and collar, it was time to test out the good stuff.  I hopped in my new inflatable pool right away. It was perfect for a Fourth of July pool pawty! I also picked out an adorable popsicle toy to enjoy; you can even freeze it for some ice-cold fun while you're playing in the sun (sorry...I had to rhyme...I couldn't control myself). Of course, with safety on my mind I made sure to stock up on sunscreen and bath wipes. Yes, they make sunscreen for dogs; and with the summer sun overhead, it's important to protect your pet's skin, too!  Plus, all beauty routines should start with sunscreen, in my humble opinion.

Pool Pawty

Just as I was getting ready to fill up my new pool, it started to thunder and rain. Good thing I bought a new (hot pink!!) rain coat! Florida rain showers happen every day. They don't last long, but you don't want to get caught in a downpour! It was the perfect time to head indoors and try out some more of my Fourth of July finds.

Rain Rain Go Away

Even though I had some new toys to try out and snacks to devour, I wanted to make sure that I had some items on hand to help calm my pug sister down if she got nervous. First, I tested out our crate. It is very important to make sure that your pet is safe while you are out enjoying the holiday, so I squeezed into Lilo's crate to give it a try. I had to make sure it was the right size for my little sister, as well as comfortable and secure.  After I did my quality control check on the crate, I felt assured that Lilo would be safe while our family was out celebrating. I also felt the need to take a  nap.


Thundershirt. It's a wrap that you can secure around your dog, and it helps to make them feel secure and ease their anxiety. This would be perfect for my pug sister during the Fourth of July fireworks! And the thunderstorm was the perfect time to try it out. Just look at that pug face--doesn't look nervous to me!  (But just in case, I also picked up a calming aid. And an awesome treat wheel game for myself.)


Now, I don't want to forget the most important advice: Arriving at a Fourth of July party in style.   Make sure that you wear your seat belt harness--arriving alive is always fashionable. Oh, and don't forget your poop bags--no one likes a party pooper. Literally, no one wants you to poop at their party, so scoop that poop! (A box of gourmet dog cookies for the hostess with the mostess doesn't hurt, either.)

Party Pooper

The Fourth of July doesn't have to be a scary holiday for your pets. Take some time and plan ahead to make them feel secure, and you will be all set to have a safe and fun Fourth of July with your furry friends and family members. Happy Fourth of July, friends!

Happy 4th of July

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