Checking in with Obie - a Dog with an Extraordinary Weight Loss Story

By Leah_Pet on Oct. 11, 2017


About a year ago we highlighted the story of Obie the Dachshund. A not-so-little dog who dropped more than 50 pounds of excess weight over the course of about a year, through the love, patience and expertise of a veterinary technician named Nora. If you’ve been wondering what he’s been up to, we checked in with Nora to see how Obie has been doing.

Obie was a victim of an unfortunately preventable situation of the best intentions gone awry. The elderly couple who kept him lovingly assumed the way to a dog’s heart was through food, so they fed him as much people food as he wanted. His weight skyrocketed to 77 pounds, which was almost three times more than what a Dachshund his size should weigh. He got to the point where he could barely get around and an early death was almost inevitable.

Concerned family members stepped in and in August of 2012, Nora Vanatta agreed to take in the obese pup so she could put him on a much healthier diet that would allow him to shed excess weight at a healthy pace.

It’s been five years since Obie started his weight loss adventure and working off the excess weight has literally transformed his life. The going was slow for a while but eight months into his weight loss journey he was able to have skin reduction surgery and began going on regular walks.

Obie now.jpg

According to Nora, things have been fairly low key for the Dachshund this last year, despite his ever-growing popularity on social media. At 11 years old, he’s getting up there in years so, although still active, he much prefers to take things easy. Sleeping is a big favorite pastime, as well as car rides and taking leisurely strolls around the park. He also manages to squeeze in some beach adventures whenever possible exploring the coast of Oregon.

As for his weight, he’s holding steady at a much healthier 23 pounds these days. He's managed to maintain a whopping 54 pound weight loss. His story has been featured worldwide and has served as inspiration for pet parents everywhere to help keep their pets weight in check. He has more than 415K followers on Facebook. And, for the last 6 years he, along with his animal friends, has been the star of his very own calendar to help raise awareness about canine obesity! Available on his Facebook page, check it out if you need a bit of cute monthly motivation in helping your pet stay fit.

Obie Calendar Shot.jpgMade evident by Obie and Nora’s hard work, even pets with significant weight issues can have success through patience, persistence and focusing on a healthy diet. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, obesity is a common pet problem and can occur in nearly 30 percent of dogs. This not only affects their day to day lives but puts them at risk for diabetes, heart and liver problems, joint pain and more.

If you think your pet may be overweight, consult with your veterinarian. Together you can create a healthy combination of diet and exercise that’s tailored to your pet’s abilities and unique needs. This can help both of you enjoy many more happy, healthy years together.Obie in October.png

Learn more about how every treat you give your dog adds up. Or read about healthy people treats for dogs and cats.

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