A Perfect Life After Finding Frankie

By PetcoFoundation on Feb. 16, 2017


Each year, the Petco Foundation invites adopters to share the story of how their adopted pet changed their lives during the annual Holiday Wishes campaign. Cassandra Maynard submitted this story about the dog she adopted from Animal Rescue Front in South Dennis, Massachusetts.

My boyfriend Chris and I decided to make a big commitment and get a dog. We had been talking about it for years but it finally felt like it was the right time. We wanted to adopt and make a difference in a dog's life. Since puppies are usually the first to get adopted, we decided we would look for a full grown dog to adopt and provide an amazing home.

After finding Frankie through Animal Rescue Front, we were very nervous for what was to come. She looked perfect and the organization sent along some videos so we could see her personality shine. Chris and I were convinced that she was the dog for us.


A few days later, Chris and I brought Frankie home. She was friendly but you could tell she was nervous arriving at her new home. After a few days, she really came out of her shell—she started being less nervous and more playful and we could tell she was getting comfortable with us. Our whole lifestyle had changed. It felt like we had a baby!

Our whole lives revolved around Frankie, and we made sure she had enough exercise, treats, toys, play time, cuddles and love. We found ourselves sitting around at night just watching and playing with her. After a few weeks Chris said to me "What did we do before we had Frankie?" and I smiled. Everything seemed perfect. Our life with her had become more joyous.HolidayWishes_PetcoFoundation_AnimalRescueFront2.jpg

Frankie loves everyone—every human she sees she wants attention from them. We enrolled Frankie into a 10-week training course, and these classes ended up being such a wonderful experience for Frankie, Chris and me. She got the mental stimulation that she needed and she went from being a great dog to an obedient, well behaved and extremely disciplined dog. Training taught us the discipline that we needed and gave us the chance to better communicate with Frankie.


Every morning I wake up at 5:30am—I see Frankie's face peeking in the bedroom door (she hears my alarm no matter how soft) and I smile. While I get dressed she follows me around the house until we head out for our morning run. She runs alongside me, looking back every few steps to make sure I am still there. I knew we could change Frankie's life—but I never knew she would change ours.

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