A Dog's Day At San Diego Comic-Con

By PetcoBlogger on Jul 25, 2014

Every year, thousands of people swarm to sunny San Diego for the yearly phenomenon that is Comic Con. From TV shows to big screen movies, it's where all of this year's entertainment news is released... Including everything and anything Star Wars. Which is why #StarWarsPets Bleu, LE and Zoey put on their Petco Star Wars gear and went downtown to join in on all of the fun!



L2E2 rolling around at San Diego Comic Con!

Chew-Zoey is calling out to all the other Wookies!

Darth Bleu senses the Sith are near at Comic Con. 

Darth Bleu and Chew-Zoey finally meet in the Gaslamp Quarter outside the convention center doors. 

Is that a Storm Trooper?!


Alas, even #StarWarsPets as cute as these need passes to get in. 

Ready to head home, they bumped into their friend Han Solo who pointed them in the direction of the free events at Petco Park. 

Even Chew-Zoey needs to refuel at Comic Con. 

Until they were finally chased away by zombies. 

Home safe and sound, Darth Bleu, L2E2 and Chew-Zoey were pooped. 


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