10 Pets Caught in Awkward Moments

By RoxannePETCO on Mar. 17, 2016

It's Awkward Moments Day and some of us humans know it all too well. We've all been caught in a moment of clumsiness or confusion, but sometimes our pets take the cake on this one. Here are 10 pets whose awkward moments were captured on camera.

  1. This cat who insists the bearded dragon is the one behind the red dot.
    Look into my eyes...
    Photo by @Roxiemike

  2. This cat who isn't as into the pose as much as the dog is.
    Photo by @Blonda72

  3. Vinny, the cat, who has repeatedly told his pet parent how much he hates baths.
    Photo by @bluestraycat

  4. This dog who isn't quite sure about all these cuddles.
    Brock Samson
    Photo by @thatfurryfac

  5. These hamsters who thought they'd make a run for it.
    160229_0003 (2).jpg
    Photo by @Lida

  6. This dog who just realized he doesn't fit in his bed anymore.
    Photo by @Goldens2

  7. This cat who lives by the mantra: "You can look, but don't touch."
    Photo by @TishaHaney

  8. This cat who thought her birthday was actually every day...DSC_8067.jpg
    Photo by @BellaSera

  9. This dog who insists he go everywhere with his human.431135_170069706434746_936020199_n.jpg
    Photo by @dp

  10. This cat who thinks it's never too late to get started on their New Year's resolution. Situps anyone? 
    Photo by @Nikki

Do you have a funny story about your pet? Share it with us in a comment below! And don't miss your chance to win a Petco gift card during our weekly contests:

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‎03-27-2016 11:51 PM

There were many really "cute" entries -- and you used some to make a "cute" blog!

Man Happy   Cat Happy   Robot Happy   Smiley Happy   Woman Happy

There were many really "cute" entries -- and you used some to make a "cute" blog!

Man Happy   Cat Happy   Robot Happy   Smiley Happy   Woman Happy

Posted on Mar. 27, 2016
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