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Trimming cockatiel's wings

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i am looking to get my tiels wings trimmed again i really don't want to take him back to the other pet store because they did a horrible  job and they wouldn't show me how to do them so i have no clue on how to clip them where do i go or who can i trust to clip them for me i can't afford to have a vet do them. any advice would be nice! thank you!

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Re: cockatiel's wings

Hello and welcome to our community, redrose333!

Sorry to hear about your previous experience. We have the same inquiry here: Cockateil Nails that can help you decide where to go. 

Please feel free to post on our forum any other concerns, ideas, and suggestions that you want to share. Our friendly community members are always here to give a hand. Have a good day! 

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Re: cockatiel's wings

Honestly it's not too hard, there a lot of youtube videos that can take you through it. i would explain it but it's best if seen and for a cockatiel it's a lot easier if you can get someone to hold the bird while you fan out the wing and cut.
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