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Sick Bird!!

I have found an African Ringneck which is labeled Indian ringneck at the the Petco in Saugus Mass. This beautiful creature needs a vets care!! He is always panting, his feathers are in terrible shape and there is rust in the cage the will kill him. I own 4 parrots and it kills me to see an animal in this shape. They have him priced at $399. I might give $150-$200 for him due the fact that he is going to need costly vet care!! Some one please help me get this bird out the situation he is in!! They deserve so much better than this. You would think a pet store would take better care of there pets. Please contact me... I want to give this bird a wonderful long life!!! 

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Re: Sick Bird!!

Hi Tkilgore12. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Can you email us at with this information as well as your phone number so we can look into it and follow up with you? Thank you. 

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Re: Sick Bird!!

call a bird sanctuary let them go in and get the bird...i dont know who to go above a pet store to get help.. i would try and point it out to them one time tell them bird is sick and needs attention you're willing to take him cheaper than what they want in price..then take a picture of the bird if they wont do it..that way if they try to get rid of it to save their butts you'll have a pic of it in their their corporate office they may help..

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Re: Sick Bird!!

what has the store management's response been?

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