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Parakeet sudden death :(

We bought a parakeet a week ago. She's been a good singer, friendly, and happy. Today she started to get sleepier and sleepier, when all of a sudden, she couldn't stand. We took her to an animal hospital, and she was was really limp for most of the trip (20 minutes or so), then began convulsing. We arrived and she started to get even more limp, the said it was too late and she died. To add insult to injury they charged us $200 to tell us it was too late and "never buy at Petco." This was honestly the sweetest bird and my kids are so extremely upset. The thing is, this came with no warning. She was happy and playful earlier tonight. What causes this? What can I do to keep it from happening again?
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Re: Parakeet sudden death :(

Hi, Fayjill4. We regret to hear this and appreciate you reaching out to us. Please email us at and include the like to your post, the store location that you purchased your bird, including the state, and your phone number? We'll have someone from our team contact you. Thank you. 

-Tiffany W.

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Re: Parakeet sudden death :(

you might want to visit pet lab usa
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Re: Parakeet sudden death :(

So sorry for your loss! The first thing that comes to mind is to ask you if you had used any harsh chemicals prior to this happening or had you cleaned your oven? I know for a fact that you should never clean your oven with birds in the home because within 15 minutes of me turning on my oven both my birds died. I was devistated to know that I did this to them and is why I ask this question. Best of luck and again I'm sorry for your loss.

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