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Parakeet 5th-Wheeler

Hi, over the past going on 1.5 years, I've accumulated 5 parakeets. It started out 1 at a time until the last two, those I got on the same day, from different places. So I originally got the first, Arti. I tried working with him for about a month before getting him a friend. He just didn't want anything to do with me. So I got him Zappy, both males, bonded nicely. A few months later, I find a beautiful male parakeet, Louie, and ended up bringing him to my boyfriend's place for a month before introducing him to the other two. Once they meet, Arti bonds with Loui and Zappy becomes the third wheel. For the most part they're fine, it was more like a love triangle, but Arti and Louie evidently prefer each other, possibly because they're more dominant compared to Zappy. About 6 months later, we get 2 more parakeets like previously mentioned, named Iris and Pika. I had placed them in a separate cage together for the first night as a safety precaution, and they bonded together. I would have hoped they were also male, but I'm sure they're both female (they're still young, hence my hesitation). Anyway, all 5 are in a large cage, but Zappy is a 5th wheel, and he's obviously bottom b****. All the other birds shoo him from place to place, away from the food, so on and so forth. He still eats and drinks, but it's annoying watching this sweet, gentle bird be bullied. I really don't want to separate him from the others because Arti and Zappy get loud as if they're saying, "HEY?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HUMAN?! WHERE ARE YOU TAKING HIM/ ME?". I wonder if I should add one more parakeet for Zappy to bond to - maybe once he has someone to 'back him up' so to speak, there would be more democracy. I'm looking to upgrade their cage size in the near future too, but it won't be until possibly August '16. Not sure if that'll be too long of a wait. Either way, thank you for reading this and can't wait to hear any suggestions!

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Re: Parakeet 5th-Wheeler

Hi Brynne. Welcome to our community and thank you for your question as well as entering our most recent photo contest. We are checking with our companion animal specialist about any suggestions they may have for you and Zappy. We will follow up with you shortly. 

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Re: Parakeet 5th-Wheeler

Hi Brynne. I certainly understand your frustration and concern for the one budgie being picked on. We've heared back from our animal care specialist on this. They say the only real option is to separate Zappy, also there may be something wrong with him and that is why the others are picking on him. Getting another bird will likely just increase the number of birds picking on him. You may also want to bring Zappy in to the vet for a check up to make sure that there's no underlying illness. If you don't have a vet, you can call your local Petco to see if they can offer care or have advice on local resources. You can find the number to call the store nearest you here: http://goo.gl/Von7ic

I hope this helps, please come back and share an update with us. Also, I'd love to see photos of all these birds!

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