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One diamond dove died, what should I do?


One of my diamond doves died and I have an untame female left. I believe I should get another diamond dove but want to get a ringneck dove instead. 

Do you believe that the ringneck dove would suffice as a companian to my dove?


Thank you all so much for reading this ; I appreciate it very much

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Re: One diamond dove died, what should I do?

Hi MulanT. I'm sorry for your lost, thank you for sharing your question with us. I've gone ahead and sent it to one of our animal care specialists for more advice. I'll check back in as soon as I have more information to share. 


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Re: One diamond dove died, what should I do?

We heard back from our expert and here's what she said: We do not recommend putting different types of birds together. Even two types of doves.


Re: One diamond dove died, what should I do?

That's a shame--sorry to hear of your loss.

I agree that you should not try to keep different species together. Have you considered or actually gotten another Diamond Dove? I believe doves tend to mate for life (monogamous love!), so your Diamond Dove would very much appreciate having a mate and would undoubtedly be happier and live longer with a friend instead of a solitary life.
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