My parakeet can't stop of laying eggs.

I have a pair of parakeets more than a year. They are friendly to each other. Everything looks normal. Few weeks ago female started to lay eggs. For 3 weeks she laid 8 eggs. And I think she will continue. She is sitting on them day and night. Male is feeding her. I read that it takes 18 days to hatch. From 1st egg it's more than 18 days.But nothing happening. So I want to ask. Maybe someone had the same situation and can tell me what happening with my parakeet. Is this normal???
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RE: My parakeet can't stop of laying eggs.

your parakeet really wants to be a mom
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RE: My parakeet can't stop of laying eggs.

The only thing I did to make sure my Parakeet Gaby doesn't have eggs or lays eggs with her cage mate is to have an extra bird in there so Gaby doesn't lay eggs, somehow I wouldn't suggest you do that unless you know what you are doing.

RE: My parakeet can't stop of laying eggs.

Your birds are perfectly normal.  They're safe and well-fed, which tells them it's a good time to breed.  I had a cockatiel who laid eggs even with no mate, so here are some tips on how to handle it. 
Let your birds keep the eggs until they hatch or the birds lose interest in them.  If you take the eggs away before then, they'll probably just lay more.  If you don't want baby birds, get some fake eggs (check at a craft store) and switch them out for the real eggs.  Most birds will incubate the fake eggs and never notice the difference.  Since your eggs have been in the cage for more than 18 days they might be infertile.  It still would be good to switch them out for fake eggs, so that they don't start to stink before the birds lose interest.  
To keep them from laying eggs in the future, make sure they have at least twelve hours of sleep each night.  This tricks them into thinking it's winter and a bad time for breeding.  You may want to cover their cage with a blanket to make sure they're not disturbed.  If they're already getting twelve hours of sleep, up it to fourteen hours a night.  If they're still laying eggs after that, I'm stumped.  
Since your bird is laying so many eggs, make sure she gets enough calcium.  Put a cuttle bone or mineral block in the cage if there isn't one already.  You can also hard boil a chicken egg, mash it up (including the shell) and offer her that.  Leafy green vegetables like kale or spinach are also good.  Get organic if you can find them near you, or if you can't wash them very well to remove pesticides and clip them to the sides of the cage. 
Good luck with your birds!
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RE: My parakeet can't stop of laying eggs.

Take any type of nest box and nesting material out of her cage. Make sure she is getting cuttlebone scraped into her food every day before it is given to her and take the cage outside for 10mins a day.
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RE: My parakeet can't stop of laying eggs.

I don't know that constant egg laying is such a good thing. Puts an incredible strain on the hen, and at most, she should lay no more eggs than the equivalent of a couple clutches a year. I would hate to see her get eggbound or worse. Yes, remove nesting materials and boxes. I wouldn't put these items in a cage unless I was serious about wanting the birds to nest and had conditioned them for that very taxing endeavor. Incubating "dummy" eggs is also taxing, and I don't think I want her doing that either. If you want to raise baby birds, the cage has to be of sufficient size so that effective mating can be accomplished. Basically, you need a flight cage. And when eggs are laid, dummy eggs may be used to ensure that the clutch incubates and hatches simultaneously, but not to give her something to sit on indefinitely! I would also candle some of the egss she's laid to see if any were fertile or whether this is just a doomed enterprise.  
I might even consider separating these birds and housing them in separate rooms until she gets out of the breeding cycle and begins to molt. If you want another try at this, wait a year and prepare the birds for the big event. Get them conditioned and get a breeding cage. They've  sort of been through enough for one season.
I agree that you should look at the amount of light these birds are getting  as a way to control undesired behavior like this.
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