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I gained an abused cockatiel 18+ months ago. Explained to his previous owner that if she loved the bird like I thought she did, she would do whats best for the bird and leave him with me. She did and now he is in a more stable enviornment.

Since he came to live with me (and I have a feeling that he was doing it over there to) he has been picking himself under only one wing to the point of making himself drip blood, took him to the vet, got him meds but they don't seem to be working like they were when we started the process any more.

When I explained to another bird friend what he was doing and showed him to her, she told me that getting a parakeet might help him a little and I thought about it and thought about it, I think it's the next best thing to try but I would like your opinions.

Patches (the bird) does make the occasional chirping of regular birds so he is much happier than when he first got here, but he is still picking.

Also, to put it out there I do have another cage for the parakeet.

What do you think about it? Think it might help or think it will be a bad idea?

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Re: Looking for Advice

I think another bird would help. I have a parrotlet and he is very friendly but tends to over preen his stomach by removing the thicker outside feathers leaving only the smaller fluffier ones behind. While babysitting my brother's cockatiel for a few months I noticed the feathers on his stomach grew back fully. Once the cockatiel was returned to my brother the parrotlet began to over pick at his feathers. Now, the cockatiel is back fulltime and both birds are happy. The cages are placed on opposite ends of the dining room and the birds are blocked from viewing each other by a china cabinet so I’m not sure why having the other bird around helps but it does.


I hope my info helps!

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Re: Looking for Advice

Many types of birds do very well with company because they are from a species that flocks together.  My Eclectus would have been perfectly happy if it was just he and I for the rest of his life but he also tolerates my Bare-eyed cockatoo female who wants more interaction from him.  The cockatiels are definitely flock birds so another bird might help a lot.  Just be sure you have run a complete work up on the various diseases that birds can carry before bringing another bird in and also test the incoming bird.

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Re: Looking for Advice

If you have or haven't already decided, there are toys out there that are supposed to help stop over preening. Here is a website with some.

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