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Introducing a female Budgie to a pair of love birds... HELP!

So as I went to purchase food and snacks at my local pet store I fell in love with a turquois female budgie. The pet store owner ended up giving her to me and when I got home I easily placed her in the cage with the already settled love birds. A few hours laters (2-3 at the most) I went to check up on her because she seems younger than my pair the lovebirds were on the opposite end of the cage holding on to the bars... (not normal) for my pair. I quickly knew something was wrong. I quickly grabbed cardboard and seperated them after reading a few horrifying blogs about female birds being aggressive and territorial. Now Im on the fence about either buying another male and bonding him with the new female or if I should remove the seperator and moderate them for a little bit so they get accustomed. If I get an additional male budgie should I do that now or wait to allow one to get settled in. 


Im gonna buy a bigger cage regardless, but that will have to wait till Sunday. Any recommendations on how to ease her in to the already settled pair? 

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