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How do I get my parakeet to trust me?

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I had this parakeet for a very long time, like over a year. I'll be honest, this poor thing was basically neglected. There have been times that the family has been surprised that the bird was still alive. 


So I  feel bad and I'm trying to change the way Blue (the parakeet) is cared for. I want to know if it is too late to earn its trust. I want to make it happy and let it out of its cage with all those fancy out of cage playgrounds, etc. But first I need it to like me. Is it possible? If so, any tips? Thanks. 

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Re: Parakeet Help

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If The Parakeet likes being around you then don't do the first step!

Step 1

Go Into the Room where your parakeet is in, every time go into the room for longer periods, after the parakeet is ok with you in the room start getting closer to the cage every time you go in the room.

Step 2

Start putting your hand on the cage near the bird,if it moves away keep your hand still and talk to the bird, just don't scare it.

Step 3

Repeat Step 2, but do it on the inside of the cage. giving a treat to the bird might help.

Step 4

Try letting the bird on your finger. let it be comfortable with you, try taking it out of the cage everyday,until it's ok being outside of it's Cage.

Step 5

You have gained the birds Trust.


I Hope this works!Smiley Happy

If this does not work try repeating steps 3 & 4!

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Re: Parakeet Help

You should follow what stephiebenji said and when your parakeet behaves or trusts you, reward him/her with a treat such as millet. This will help because the bird will associate trusting you with a treat.
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