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Cage For parakeet?

Hello, i just wanted to say that my eser name is S.A.N. for my pets my dog snickers, (gave him away about 2 years ago :smileysad:), Army my green female budge, and Navy my male blue budgie.  

i just wanted to know if  this cage is a good cage for my budgie Army, she is tamed. but her and Navy keep fighting and they are drawing blood which scares me alot, so i would like to know if this is a good cage for one budgie..


because is says for a budgie but i realy want peoples ideas about this cage.  also if anyone would like to know where i got a tamed budgie, i didnt get her tamed i got her a birthday present from petco. it did not take a alot of time to tame her, but  if you have 2 budgies like i do, and you have them in one cage, take out the budgie that ou would like to tame first into a bird- safe room. they will get used to you fatser without having the other bird around. and it will be eaiser for them to trust you. thank you! :smileyhappy:

i also have this posted on the "Cage" forum too.

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Re: Cage For parakeet?

This cage should be find for one budgie. 


With time most animals can be tamed. I'm glad that you are separating the two. I always advise to have an extra cage if you are adding another bird at different times. Sometimes they get along others not so much.

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Re: Cage For parakeet?

My male and female started fighting and I decided to leave the cage door open so the victim could escape if need be.  Sure enough it worked and now both birds get along and love flying around their cage and getting the excerise they need.  Make sure the door is shut when it starts to get dark.  They will fly into walls in the dark.


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