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after bath ritual

 ok  my golden retriever, likes mud and stink visa versa, so  we  get washed off  in the winter in the bath tub/ frr5rub a dub dry with a big  bath towel ,  he  often will get  a sandwich P.B. cracker  as a treat... as soon as the door is opened and he leaves the  bathroom and goes  right  for the stair landing to claw and roll around. problem being i just spent @ $4,500.00 dollars on new carpeting  on 2 bedrooms and the stairs and I am  worried the  carpet will not  stand up to this wear and tear  almost every day. he does this behavior  in other rooms too thruought the day.  my questions...1-Is this  normal? 2-is there  any way to stop this  behavior  in a gentle way? Short of laying an old piece of carpet down just  before bath time is my only idea, but seems like a ridiculous effort  for  such a little issue.

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Re: after bath ritual

My Lab does the rolling around bit on the carpet, but not the clawing.  I try to get him to go outside so he can dry off.  I also periodically will use a blow dryer to dry him off so as to limit the rolling around behavior, and that seems to help.

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