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Will/When will my dogs sprain heal?

On December 23rd, my dog Duke, 60lb pit lab,  was running down the stairs per usual, and then he hit the bottom step and immediately sat down and lifted his front left paw. We called a vet near us (our regular vet was not open) and got an urgent care appointement. The vet felt all over all of his legs and said it was probably just a strain or sprain, we got some anti imflamtory pills and she told us he should be fine, he took the pills for ten days and the limping seemed to decrease. We took him to the dog park one of those days (the vet did not give any restricions) and he seemed to act normal. After he stopped the meds, the limping increased again. We got somemore pills for another week, and the vet didn't seem concered or ask to see him and those end tonight. He went swimming today for his birthday and didn't have any problems (except not wanting to leave) but he is limping a lot. I know his muscles are probably tired, but I was just wondering when/if it will go back to normal. When he limps a lot it's usually right when he gets up from laying for awhile, again just wondering when it should be better, he is only 2 and we planned to take some agility or dock diving classes but if he's going to be in pain because of them I don't want him to partcipate in them. Thanks!

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Re: Will/When will my dogs sprain heal?

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Hi, DukeJewell33. Thank you for posting and sorry to hear about your pup's sprain. We'll check with our animal care specialist and follow up with you. Thanks. Wishing your pup a speedy recovery!


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Re: Will/When will my dogs sprain heal?

Hi, DukeJewell33. Our animal care specialist followed up with us and stated that if it is not healing there may be something else wrong, or the pup may need more time with more exercise restriction. There is no specific timeline to give for when it should be better. It varies too much. You should speak with your vet and schedule a follow-up visit. Please keep us posted on how your pup is doing. Thank you. 


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Re: Will/When will my dogs sprain heal?

You need to wrap the dogs sprain ASAP. Smiley Happy

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