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Open wound on my dog

So to start off my dog is a German Short hair and I noticed a small lump forming on my dogs backside right on top of her back. As time passed it grew and grew and eventually popped. My mother "took" her to the vet to get it checked out and told me that it was called old man's syndrom or something similar and nothing can be done about it. After many hours of research I could not find anything about it. It bleeds occaionally and I was wondering if maybe you could help me identify what this can be? Also, help reduce the size of the area and help it heal. It is about the size of a quarter and she is an older dog about 16. This picture will show you what it looks like. 

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Re: Open wound on my dog

Hi, Kiana123. We're sorry to hear this.  We would recommend contacting your local vet to be sure. You may also want to try our new "Ask a Vet" feature on the Petco Community here:  A link will appear on the right-hand side of the screen where you can input your question.  We wish your pup all the best! 

-Tiffany W.

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Re: Open wound on my dog

If it is an old man wart then you have the option to dry freeze it off, usually takes a couple treatments for it to fall off. But if this is an abcess then you'll need antibiotics to cure it. Good luck!
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Open wound on my dog

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