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Crating dog during night shift

My dog usually is crated at night for 8-10 hours with no problem. On a rare occasion (once or twice a year), I have to work a 12 hour night shift. Will that be acceptable to crate him for 13 hours during the night on rare occasions?
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Re: Crating dog during night shift

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Hi clcfreeindeed. Thank you for your question; we don’t generally recommend dogs be crated for that long a period. It would be best if you could get someone to let him out so he would not have to be crated for such a long time. If you haven't got someone who can help, you can always check out rover.com. If that is not an option, I would work slowly up from 8-10 hours and see if he does okay at 11-12, not just quickly expect him to be okay for a longer period of time. We hope this helps!

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Re: Crating dog during night shift

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You might want to consider making a larger area - somewhere in your house. I have a dog kennel actually - 4'x8' long about 4' high. My dog has been transitioned to that larger space - he still has his kennel - but the door is left open and he can move away from it if he wishes. He also has access to food and water (my puppy is 4 months old, so he's still on 3 feedings a day - someone comes for that. But I've had other dogs that could easily stay 13 or 14 hours in their "kennel" area in a day - and they never made potty mistakes. The idea is, though - that if you're going to leave them that long - give them an area large enough that if they HAVE to go (sick or something).. then they Can - without doing so in the crate. So they dont have to lie in their own waste until you get back. the larger kennel area is also a good transition space toward the day when you dont need either crate (leave it but take the door off) Or kennel and the dog can just be in the house.

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Re: Crating dog during night shift

I wouldn't rate my dog for 10 hours... that's just wrong
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