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About to get my very first puppy! HELP!

My husband and I are picking up our 10 week old chocolate lab puppy in March 13th. I grew up with cats and this will be my very first dog! I have lots of questions because I want her to be happy and comfortable! I bought a large crate than we plan to keep downstairs in the dining or living room, but I know she will want to sleep in our room near us for quite some time while she is young. What is the best way to keep her comfortable through the night upstairs? I bought her a dog bed, but I am sure she won't have the discipline to just lay on that through the night for quite some time. Should I consider getting another slightly smaller crate for our room for her to sleep in? Or is there something else you recommend? Thanks in advance!
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Re: About to get my very first puppy! HELP!

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Hi, MrsNottingham15 . Welcome to the Petco Community and thanks for posting your question.  This would depend on if you want to crate train your puppy or not. It's recommend, to keep a puppy in a crate at night until it's potty trained. You should check out this blog on tips for new puppy parents.  You may also want to take a look at our dog care sheet for more information on caring for a dog. Please share a picture when you bring your puppy home. We would love to see your new puppy. Best wishes!

- Tiffany

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Re: About to get my very first puppy! HELP!

My family never crate trained our dogs when i was younger, and they turned out just fine. However, we recently got a German short haired pointer and decided to give the crate training a go. It was a good decision. it made potty training much easier and quicker. We started crate training her right from the start, and now its just part of her every day life. She goes into her crate when shes told and she lies there comfortably until we let her out. The first few days can be rough, but if you really wear down your pup before putting it in the crate, your chances of crate training success will increase drastically. There are many crate training how-to's on the internet that give great advice. Good luck with the new Lab puppy!
P.S. Petco offers Puppy classes that can help you bond with your puppy and teach them the basics. I am a dog trainer at a petco in Oklahoma, and labs always seem to excel in all of my puppy classes.
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Re: About to get my very first puppy! HELP!

Oh, and as for using two crates, we just keep one crate in the bedroom near the foot of the bed. Our presence seems to calm our pup (and vice-versa).

Re: About to get my very first puppy! HELP!

I have a (roughly 2 grand) pure breed shorthair German Shepard, she doesn't go into her crate. we eventually sold it. She is extraordinarily trained.
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About to get my very first puppy! HELP!

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