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$1 per gallon sale

My local Petco sold out of 29 gallon aquariums. Does anyone know if they can order them for you at the sale price? 

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Re: $1 per gallon sale

Hi m.anne


Thank you for your question, however this sale is only valid while supplies last. We recommend contacting the store leader directly about the possibility of ordering more tanks, however typically they're unable to control the inventory levels. You may also want to call and check with other Petco stores in your area to see if they have this tank in stock. You can find the number to call the stores nearest you here. Good luck!


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Re: $1 per gallon sale

Hi M.anne

hmm if petco runs outs out of 29 gallon aquariums, you can always order them off amazon. Now if you need them asap and petco will take a while. You can always sign-up for amazon prime and you will get it for 2 days.
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