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Rehoming my Terrier mix

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I am moving out of the country with my family for an employment opportunity that involves frquent travel.  I am assigned to an area that has no boarding or veterinary facilities so I am looking to rehome my 8-year old terrier mix.  She is spayed, housetrainind, has current vaccinations, and enjoys adult company.  She is an "only" dog who has has not been around children often, but does interact well when introduced.  She is active and enjoys walking in a variety if settings (parks, neighborhoods, waterfronts, etc.)  If you know of someone who is interested in the company of an older dog in the Atlanta, GA metro area, please send me a private message in the community ASAP.


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Re: Rehoming my Terrier mix

Hi jalynmac.


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. Here's an tribal knowledge base article from the community with tips for rehoming a pet that may be helpful: rehoming a pet. I hope they find a forever home soon! 



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Re: Rehoming my Terrier mix

Thanks Aluxe for your response...I wull review the information...
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